Buying A Gift For A Skull Accessory Lover? Options To Consider For The Perfect Present

Skulls have been used as decoration and to accessorize since the beginning of human civilization, and if you know someone into this aesthetic, there are many gift ideas to consider. You can choose something that is trendy, or even something permanent that will last a lifetime.

There are new modern skull and bones or cross pieces that are trendy, and old vintage pieces and more traditional options with skull jewelry and accessories. Here are some of the objects you can consider.

Purchase Tattoo Services

Tattoos can be expensive. If the person would like a skull tattoo but hasn't made the initiative to get one, offer to pay for the skull design and tattoo that they want. This way the receiver can custom their gift by choosing the exact artwork that they want, and it's a gift that will last them forever.   

Custom Skull Ring

A skull ring can be a great fashion choice, and a stunning piece of jewelry. The band and skull could be made of:

  • Sterling silver
  • Gold
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stone

You can find this piece at high end jewelry stores, custom jewelers, or shops online. You can even look for a vintage item. Make sure that you know the right ring size for the finger you want the receiver to wear the skull ring on.

Bone Necklace

Look at what type of necklaces the person wears to determine if a chocker or dangle necklace may be a better choice. You can also get them layers of necklaces with different beads, chains, or materials like leather or twine. You may be able to get a set to match a ring purchase. This is an option that can be dressed up or dressed down.

The amount you spend should be determined by the material of the accessory or the quality of the item. If this style is something that you think the recipient may outgrow, you may want to choose a couple different moderate priced items, instead of something that is very costly.

If you are buying a high-end piece of jewelry, make sure that it comes with some type of warranty or guarantee from the jeweler where you bought it. This may also be the best place to purchase the gift if you think it may need to be sized or altered at some point down the road. Look at the persons style and commit to the gift you think will be best. 

For more information on jewelry options, contact a store such as Sterling Assault.