Jewelry That Can Work Well For A Graduate

If someone close to you has graduated from any type of program, it's nice to present them with a special gift. For someone who enjoys wearing jewelry, a unique piece of jewelry can be a perfect gift to consider. Whether you're shopping for your child who has just graduated college or a friend who has gone back to school later in life to earn a certificate, there are lots of jewelry pieces that can be fitting for this special occasion. Here are some types of jewelry to think about buying to present to the graduate in your life. 


Every graduate remembers the year in which they completed their studies. Given the importance of this year, you may wish to shop for a piece of jewelry that simply features the year in question. For example, if the person graduates in the year 2024, stud earrings that depict either 2024 or just 24 can be appropriate. These earrings are often available in a variety of materials and fonts, so you can choose something that you know will suit the recipient's style sense. Alternatively, consider a necklace pendant that features the year.

Motivational Slogan

There are lots of motivational slogans that can be a good fit for any type of graduate, and you may wish to consider buying a piece of jewelry that depicts a slogan that you know the person will appreciate. The length of the slogan will often dictate the type of jewelry on which it appears. In the case of a longer slogan, you'll find it engraved around a bracelet, for example. Shorter slogans can appear as necklace pendants and rings. The person may repeatedly read the slogan and reflect on its meaning and on their accomplishment when they wear this piece of jewelry.

Graduation Cap

There are few symbols that are more closely associated with a graduation than a graduation cap. This instantly recognizable symbol is available in a number of different jewelry pieces, including some that you feel may be a good fit for the recent graduate in your life. A small graduation cap-shaped necklace pendant can be a good choice, as can a bracelet charm in this shape. If you like the idea of buying a charm, you might even wish to see what other graduation-themed pieces are available and buy a selection for the recent graduate.

Visit a local jewelry store for more gift ideas.