Three Anniversary Ring Ideas

When you'll soon be celebrating your wedding anniversary, it's important to put some thought into buying the right gift. This is especially true when it's a milestone anniversary such as 10 or 20 years. A visit to your local jewelry store can present you with all sorts of options, including a selection of rings. There are many different rings that work well for anniversaries — some will even be marketed as being specifically for this occasion. Ask a salesperson to point out some anniversary rings or browse the selection until you find one that you know your significant other will love. Here are some designs to consider.

Specific Number Of Gemstones

While a lot of rings have just a single gemstone, you'll find others that feature several gemstones. One of these rings can be ideal to present to your significant other as an anniversary gift. For example, if you'll be celebrating your tenth anniversary, look for a ring that displays ten gemstones. Often, the stones on these jewelry pieces will be on the smaller side, which can help them be more affordable for people with lower budgets. You'll find these rings with all sorts of gemstones, so look for stones that you know your significant other will enjoy.

Infinity Symbol

People who are celebrating their anniversaries often discuss the idea of being together forever, which can make a ring with an infinity symbol a good choice as a gift for this occasion. The infinity symbol is a popular design on a lot of pieces of jewelry. You'll find rings with shanks that split and cross over one another to form this symbol, for example. Some of these rings can have simple designs, while others can be adorned with small gemstones.

Heart Ring

You can't go wrong with a heart ring as an anniversary gift to your significant other. The heart is a popular shape on many rings. Some rings have a single heart, often with small chunks of gemstones positioned around their perimeter, other designs may instead consist of a pair of hearts that are intertwined. The topic of love is obviously an important one when you're celebrating your anniversary, so choosing a ring that features the symbol of love can make for a special gift.

Check out these and other anniversary ring designs when you visit your local jewelry store. For more information, contact a local ring retailer near you to learn more.