5 Reasons to Choose Antique Jewelry for Your Wedding

Most brides and grooms like to buy new jewelry for their wedding day. But should you opt for antique jewelry instead? The answer may be yes, and here are five reasons why.

1. Antique Jewelry Is Unique

Do you want your wedding attire and style to be something unique to you? With so many weddings held every year, it's easy to find 'cookie-cutter' choices everywhere, and putting together a unique wedding can be very difficult. Antiques are hard to find, only a few pieces survive, and they are often handmade. This makes them the ultimate way to set your look apart from the crowd. 

2. Antique Jewelry Has a Story

A wedding is a beautiful story that starts your own beautiful story as a couple. But you're unlikely to get a good story out of going to the local shop and picking out a new wedding ring. In contrast, every piece of surviving antique jewelry has a unique and full history. If it's passed down in your family, it's a heritage story. And items that have passed through other hands often come with their own provenance and their own fascinating histories. 

3. Antique Jewelry Gifts Are Special

Give your attendants a very special gift for being in your wedding: antique jewelry items. Not only are these pieces unique to each person but they also show that you have picked them out with the different attendants in mind. Such a personal gift can be a lifelong treasure, as opposed to monogrammed bathrobes or identical pendant necklaces. 

4. Antique Jewelry Is Eco-Friendly

Many couples today try to have a wedding that's friendlier toward the environment and reflects their personal ethics. So what better way to recycle and reuse than opting for antique jewelry instead of having new pieces made? You won't have to worry about the sources of anything, overseas labor, or manufacturer ethics. You can just sit back and enjoy the jewels. 

5. Antique Jewelry Is Stylish

If you want a classic bridal look — particularly a vintage look — vintage pieces are the best way to accomplish it. While modern jewelers may try to mimic older styles, nothing achieves the real effect like something that actually existed during the time period you want to emulate. 

Which of these elements of antique jewelry could make your wedding day even more special? No matter whether you want to personalize your attire and your gifts or add a sense of history to the day, antique items are an excellent addition to the big day. Learn more by meeting with a company who specializes in antique jewlery today.