4 Tips On Picking An Ideal Wedding Ring For An Active Spouse

If you are engaged and in the middle of planning the wedding, you may be thinking about everything that must be done before the wedding day, such as buying a wedding ring. When you know that your spouse is rather active, you may be determined to accommodate their lifestyle.

This makes it important to exercise patience with choosing a wedding ring because you should feel confident about picking one that your spouse will love and appreciate.


When picking a design for the ring, you should consider passing up on protruding settings and opt for a bar or flush setting that will not feel like there is an obstacle in the way when playing a sport or working out at the gym. A band is also worth considering because you can find lots of them that look beautiful and unique.


Picking a wedding ring size is not something that you want to take a guess on because an incorrect size can make it difficult to wear when doing something active. The great thing is that since you are getting married, you do not have to worry about trying to make ring sizing a surprise.

With half sizes and whole sizes, you should be able to pick a ring size that is close enough to what fits your spouse perfectly so that it does not move around during active hours.


When you are looking at the different metals to choose from, you will find some of the common ones such as silver, gold, and white gold. But, you may want to pick one of the more durable metals, like titanium or tungsten, that are helpful because of your spouse's lifestyle.

The overall durability and scratch resistance that you get with these options will give you confidence that the wedding ring will continue looking attractive for many years.


While it may not be something that you want to pick as a complete surprise, you may want to consider a silicone wedding ring for your spouse. This kind of ring is a great choice for an active person because it eliminates the risk that comes with the ring getting stuck on something. If the ring gets pulled on hard enough, the silicone will either snap or the ring will slip off the finger.

When you want to pick the right ring for your active spouse, you should consider these tips. Look for wedding ring stores near you to learn more.