3 Methods For Copying Heirloom Jewelry

If you own a piece of heirloom jewelry, there may come a time when you want to make a copy of it. An exact replica of a piece of heirloom jewelry allows you to keep your original safe, for use on special occasions, while you wear the replica for everyday use. You may also want a copy made because you want to hand down a piece of jewelry to multiple family members or because you are nervous about losing the original. There are several ways that you can have fine jewelry replicated or remade, and depending on your situation one of the following methods may work for you. 

Cast a Mold from the Original 

One of the easiest and least expensive methods for making a copy of a piece of jewelry is to cast a mold around the original piece. This usually involves removing any stones from the piece and then placing the piece in a special rubber which is then heated until it hardens and then carefully removed from the original jewelry. For most pieces of jewelry, this method does not pose a problem. However, if your piece is extremely delicate or brittle, it may be damaged during the process. 

Handcraft a Mold Based On the Original 

If you cannot create a mold around the original piece of jewelry because you no longer have it in your possession or because it is brittle and could break, then you may be able to hire a jeweler to carve a wax mold based on the original, which can then be used to make a copy. With this method, you may not have to relinquish the piece of jewelry while a mold is being made, you do not risk damaging it, and you can make a replica based on an old photo. However, there may be slight differences between the original and the replica. 

Create a 3D Replica 

3D scanning and printing is now allowing jewelers to quickly produce either molds or finished products that look exactly like the original piece. You can have your original piece scanned and printed in a small amount of time, and if you do not have the original piece anymore, a digital mold can be created from a photograph. However, this is still relatively new technology and not all jewelers have access to it. 

Before getting a piece of jewelry copied, it is important to discuss copy right laws with your jeweler. While most heirloom pieces will not be copyrighted, if your piece has been made or purchased recently, there is potential for its design to have a copyright. Contact a business, such as Mollie B Distinctively Different Fine Jewelry, for more information.