7 Healing Gemstones To Wear During A Move

The process of moving to a new home requires patience, motivation and calm energy. When you have a mile-long list of chores to complete before moving day, it is sometimes hard to stay inspired enough to keep going. Many people believe you can receive natural healing energy by wearing jewelry comprised of the following minerals, stones and shells:

1. Abalone

The abalone shell encourages a calm demeanor in times of turbulence or change, such as a move. In some cultures, this sacred shell is believed to offer guidance and serenity to all who wear it. The abalone shell, with its iridescent beauty, can enhance feelings of peace and compassion during a particularly challenging day of packing.

2. Amethyst

It's easy to keep an amethyst nearby because this lovely purple crystal is a popular choice for jewelry. Amethysts are a perfect accompaniment for a move because they are believed to naturally relieve stress and repel negative energy. Be sure to also keep amethyst crystals displayed in your new home to provide protection and rid the home of any lingering negativity.

3. Aquamarine

Ancient seamen carried aquamarine stones to protect them and provide courage while sailing the seas. During hectic periods, meditating with a piece of aquamarine is said to help clear the mind and balance your emotions. Wear a piece of aquamarine jewelry from your favorite jewelry store during a move for enhanced strength and personal power.

4. Chrysocolla

This soothing stone also brings calmness and peace in times of transition. The chrysocolla stone is said to draw negative energy away from those who wear it. To help you face new challenges with ease, wear chrysocolla jewelry or keep a stone in your pocket.

5. Hematite

Stay calm and centered with hematite. This protective stone alleviates worries and helps you stay grounded during stressful situations. To maintain a feeling of balance while preparing for your move, wear a piece of hematite jewelry on your body.

6. Malachite

Malachite is known as a stone of transformation because it purifies and clears your energy of all negativity. Wearing malachite can help motivate you when you feel most like giving up because it inspires hope for the future. This stone is also said to bring about personal healing.

7. Onyx

Let powerful black onyx absorb any negative energy around you and prevent the depletion of your own personal energy. Onyx can also help calm your fears about moving, leaving you feeling more secure and stable. Keep a piece of protective onyx in your new home so it may transform leftover negativity into positive energy.

It makes no difference if you choose to wear these stones as jewelry or keep them in your pocket. It only matters that you keep them with you throughout the move to experience their energetic healing.