Bold And Bright: 3 Jewelry Attitudes That Will Keep You Trendy

When you're out shopping for jewelry to update your outfits or to give as gifts, you may be overwhelmed by the endless variety of styles available at any given time. It's true that you should choose jewelry pieces you love and know you'll wear, but it's also good to be familiar with a few of the current trends.

Here are 3 jewelry attitudes that will open up your fashion and gift possibilities:

Never underestimate the simple sparkle.

Think of your jewelry choices as the finishing touches on your outfit. Trends indicate that high-shine, low-key accessories are the trick to bringing out the simple colors and textures of the latest apparel. You need golden or silver flashes of brilliance to refine your look, but choose jewelry pieces that are understated and singular.

One bright bracelet works better than a wrist choked with bangles. Shimmering coin earrings and a coin choker evoke a sense of timelessness and discovery. Gems may be chunky or modest-sized, but the settings have become as important as the precious stones they hold. Diamond earring studs, for example, are updated for shine with the additions of long, simple teardrops in silver and gold.

Personal emblems are sweet and adaptable.

Charms remain popular, but they tend to be worn individually on drop necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and earrings. Sports fans wear state or college charms, while nature lovers select arrows, turtles, and other simple shapes for lone charm wear.

If you have a hobby, a passion, or just a special occasion to remember, there's a charm that will represent. Have a jeweler custom-rig your charms so you can easily slip them on and off chains and ropes. This gives you many options, as you can mix and match your jewelry to work with various clothing necklines and collars.

Chunks of color attract the eye and add interest.

Colors aren't exactly sedated these days, but tones are more concentrated, and some looks tend toward the monochromatic. Off-hues rule, with exotic, intense shades of blue, orange, and black creating stunning prints and geometrics. Rust, pale jungle green, and tweedy fabrics are also in style. As a result, jewelry is more minimalist in shape and color.

A gray fur vest paired with a plain blue leather bracelet--studded with great blobs of silver, of course—plays one texture off the other. A series of stackable rings in different shades of red and white bring out the best in a geometric print dress of the same colors. Large, simple-shaped medallions of a single color make striking earrings when paired with prints or all-black ensembles. Combine more elegantly-adorned jewelry with leather and rustic fabrics to flaunt your own unique style.