Customize Your Engagement Ring By Starting With the Diamond Itself

Because it's a symbol of love and dedication to a partner, an engagement ring carries significant weight. It should be more than just a band and a gem stone. It should reflect the person who wears it and the one they love. For today's couples, this means personalizing not just the overall design but even the diamonds themselves. How can you do this? Here are five modern ways to make that diamond your own. 

Make It Ethical

Modern couples are increasingly concerned with the history, sustainability, and ethics of what they buy and wear. If you know where your diamond came from, how the stone was handled and how the ring was produced and it meets your own personal ethics, you will enjoy the ring even more. 

Add Diamonds

Traditional engagement rings tend to feature one large, statement-making diamond on a band. But why not consider replacing that single large gem with a series of smaller ones that fill out the ring? Multiple diamond settings — often between three and five gems — bring a glitter and luxury that a single stone often cannot match.  

Choose a Unique Shape

Want to set your ring apart from the crowd? Professionals, like those at Staples Jewelry, know that you should consider an unusual shape and cut. Pear shapes and marquis cuts are dramatic and eye-catching because they aren't seen as often as the traditional round, square, or diamond shapes. 

Make a Retro Statement

The Asscher cut is an old style that fell out of favor but has recently surged. This Art Deco method of cutting step facets into a diamond to release even more clarity and sparkle creates a stuffing mirror-like effect. It turns good diamonds into great ones that will catch the eye of everyone you meet. 

Evolve the Diamond

Want a unique way to express your long-lasting relationship? Start with an engagement ring set with a rough diamond. As you reach milestones in your relationship — your wedding, the birth of children, milestone anniversaries, or personal challenges — have it cut and set, then add more diamonds as you grow together. Your diamond will have a story to tell just as you do.  

No matter what you choose to do with the band, other gems, and the setting, personalizing your diamond itself will add beauty and value to the entire piece. Want to know more about modern options for your diamond ring? Start by meeting with an experienced jeweler in your area today.