Getting The Look: 3 Unusual Jewelry Items That Draw Attention

Having an unusual jewelry collection can help you catch attention from other people; each piece is a conversation starter, so you can talk to new people about something other than the weather. Here are three unusual styles you can try that are sure to be the next topic that come up at events, meetings with family and friends, or in other circumstances. 

Leather and Bullet Jewelry

Leather and bullet jewelry are some of the newest pieces on the market today. They're made with shotgun shells and braided cord, which stand up well regardless of the activities you're involved in. Shotgun shell jewelry can look attractive with formal or semi-formal wear when it's lined with gems and set on a chain, while leather pieces look attractive with casual wear. Shotgun shells don't weigh much, so they can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other kinds of interesting jewelry. No two shotgun shells are exactly the same, so the possible designs are endless. 

Metal Head Wear

Metal head wear, especially items such as circlets or tiaras, aren't as common in people's daily fashions anymore. They can look amazing with the right outfits, though, and they certainly draw attention. Circlets run across the forehead, while tiaras may circle a bun or sit on the crown of the head. The piece you choose doesn't have to be gaudy; even a simple all-metal circlet with a single gem to match a gown or cocktail dress can catch the looks you're waiting for. To pull these piece off, try to match them to era-appropriate attire. Medieval corset-based designs look good with circlets, while gowns and formal wear look attractive with tiaras. 

Custom Shrink-Up Jewelry

Made with plastic, shrink-up jewelry can be designed completely by you at home. It takes only an oven to shrink down a design on a piece of plastic to a miniature size that can then be added to a necklace or used as earrings. The best part about this kind of jewelry is that it's lightweight enough to be used for any kind of jewelry piece while also being weatherproof. Each design is unique; you can print out images to go in the jewelry or draw from your own ideas to make a piece that is one of a kind. You can make the jewelry as fancy or basic as you want. 

These are three kinds of unique jewelry you might like if you want to use jewelry as a conversation starter. Whether you have one piece or several, they're sure to do the job. For more information, contact local professionals like Richard Salvi.