Make A Statement: The Right Jewelry For The Right Occasion

Accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to improve your appearance and can be used to complement your outfit. However, it is also important to take into consideration the occasion that you are accessorizing for.

When Going Out

When you are going out with your friends, this is a good time to be more daring with your jewelry. Look for jewelry that is designed to complement what you are wearing. Bold jewelry will include a lot of color, texture and shine. The pieces also tend to be much larger. However, if you are wearing a colorful outfit, make sure that your accessories do not clash with it. The primary and secondary colors that are next to each other work very well together.

When Making A Statement

It is best to choose more delicate jewelry when you have clothing that stands out in a more dramatic manner. More subtle jewelry is better off taking a backseat. If you aren't sure whether a piece of jewelry will go with an outfit, a simple bet is to simply wear a simple golden necklace. Jewelry should be seen as an addition to your outfit and should never compete with what you wear. When wearing patterns, it is best to wear simple jewelry. Combining patterns with more complicated jewelry will simply clash too much. If you would like a more classic look, consider simply wearing pearl or diamond-stud earrings.

While You Are At Work

When you are going to work, it is a better idea to be more conservative with your jewelry, such as a delicate necklace and a classic watch. Look for jewelry that is subtle and will not be easily noticed. For example, a choker would be a bad example of a piece of workplace jewelry. If you are unsure of what is acceptable, look at what other women in the office wear and follow their lead. You need to also consider the practicality of your jewelry. For instance, it may be difficult to wear certain types of rings if you will be typing all day. 

While At A Formal Event

If you are attending a formal event, you should purchase fine jewelry that includes gemstones. A bib necklace, chandelier earrings and a large cocktail ring can all make you look more glamorous. While each of these guidelines will make it easier to find the right piece of jewelry, in the end, it is how you feel about a particular piece that determines whether it is right for you. Get in touch with a jewelry store near you for more information.